Pharmaceutical Industry Consulting

Enhancing Pharmaceutical Care and Knowledge through Research and Education.

  • Medication Utilization Studies
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Representative Traineeships

Just two of the reasons to consider contacting us if you're a Pharmaceutical Industry leader with products in any of our settings.

Joint projects with the Pharmaceutical Industry provide many opportunities for our Pharmacists to further a significant part of our core mission: Enhancing our own and the general medical community’s understanding of new and existing medications.

If you are a drug manufacturer interested in learning more about your medication’s uses, efficacy, and side effects, our Guardian Research division is uniquely suited to assist you. Capitalizing on our extensive experience in chart review, we are able to efficiently assimilate data and provide useful analysis. We actively search for opportunities that can lead to publication of important findings in leading medical and pharmacy journals.

Participating with Industry in the development of live or written educational programs and continuing education materials is just another way for us to further our mission. Specially designed programs have assisted in educating the medical community on advances in the treatment of a diverse range of topics such as Depression, Congestive Heart Failure, Dementia, Hypertension, and Overactive Bladder, to name a few.

Our Traineeship Program for Pharmaceutical Industry Representatives serves as important introduction for those new or experienced representatives wishing to learn more about the world of Consultant Pharmacy and the Long Term Care industry. This one day program provides a thorough review of the key aspects of Long Term Care Pharmacy, including a review of the CMS (formerly HCFA) guidelines and other regulatory requirements, Reimbursement Issues, an overview of the key decision makers, and discussions of the role of the Consultant Pharmacist .

Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry include:

bullet Original Research
bullet Head to Head Comparative Trials
bullet Post-Marketing Surveillance
bullet Development of CME and CE Programs for Health Care Professionals
bullet Development and Implementation of Disease State Management Programs
bullet LTC Trainesship Programs for Pharmaceutical Representatives
bullet Development of Live Programs and and Lecture Series for Medical Professionals

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