Legal – Chart Review/Expert Witness

  • Experts in medication use, monitoring, and management
  • Years of  in depth experience in medical record review

Just two of the reason for your firm to contact Guardian Consulting Services for expert analysis of medication use in our core areas: Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Adult Homes and Residential Homes.

Simply put, our Consultant Pharmacists hold a depth of clinical experience that is hard to match. Combine this with our years of experience reviewing medical records, and we become a very logical choice to bring you the expertise that you and your client need.

Services available include:

bullet Document Review and Discussion, inlcuding (but not limited to)
bullet      — Medical Record Review
bullet      — Complaint Review
bullet      — Review of Depositions and Transcripts
bullet      — Review of Dispensing Records
bullet Deposition Appearances
bullet Court Appearances

Services available nationwide. For more information, contact us today!


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