Individual Private Consultations

  • Experts in Senior Care Pharmacy
  • Addressing your Medication Use Concerns
  • Providing Confidential, Important Answers to your Questions.

Are you or a loved one experiencing difficulty tolerating your current medication regimen? Are you concerned about overmedication? Do you feel that your medications may be interacting, or not having the intended effect? Have you been avoiding taking your medications for any reason? Is your medication regimen so complicated, that its difficult to remember when to take everything? Wish there was someplace where you could get an independent opinion? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then our personalized Private Consultation service may be right for you.

Private, confidential consultations with one of our Consultant Pharmacists are an excellent way to address your medication concerns. Consultations are scheduled by appointment only, and typically involve scheduling a telephone interview with one of our board certified Geriatric Pharmacists. If you prefer, you may also schedule an in person appointment in our offices. During the interview process, you will have the opportunity to express your concerns, and, after obtaining the specifics of your case, the pharmacist will provide answers to many of your questions. Upon completion, you will receive a written summary of recommendations, which you may forward to your personal physician for review.  

Please note that these reviews are based on your medical history, as provided by you, and are intended to supplement your knowledge about your medications and provide guidance for your specific concerns. Private Consultative Services are not intended to diagnose specific conditions, and should not replace or delay any individual from seeking direct medical attention for new or existing conditions.

*Please Note: Practice currently limited to geriatrics.

Specific Concerns typically addressed by our Pharmacists include:

bullet Drug Side Effects
bullet Ways to Simplify Drug Regimens
bullet Potential Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drug Interactions
bullet Evaluating Continued Need for Medications
bullet Identifying Potential Alternative Therapies
bullet Identifying and Eliminating Potential Duplication of Therapy
bullet Medication Cost Concerns

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