Hospice and Clinic Services

  • Experts on Federal and State Rules and Regulations
  • Focused on insuring proper storage, handling, documentation and security of medications

These are just two of the reasons to contact Guardian Consulting Services to assist you at your free standing Hospice or Clinic. At each of the clinics we serve, we provide quarterly written reports documentation compliance with medication use standards, and areas that require improvement. Additionally, we can provide clinical medication regimen review services to help insure formulary compliance for those clinics actively managing formularies.

At each of our Hospice programs, we assist in reviewing procedures for controlled substances handling, storage and documentation as well storage of all medications.

For more information and to arrange for an on site visit at your program, contact us today!

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New York – Long Island Office: (P) 516 775-6235

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California – San Francisco Office: (P) 415 267-3922

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