Adult Home Services

  • Identifying and Eliminating Duplicate Medication Therapy
  • Eliminating Potentially Unnecessary Medications
  • Maintaining Compliance with Medication Storage Requirements
  • Improving Medication Safety through Proper Medication Pass Procedures

These are just a few of the reasons to have Guardian Consulting Services at your Adult Home.

Adult Homes present unique challenges and opportunities for our Consultant Pharmacists. For many of these patients, the goal is maintaining independence, and gaining control over a variety of diseases and syndromes through the use of medications. We assist our patients in these facilities through the performance of on-site Medication Regimen Reviews, where we strive to identify the most appropriate dose of each medication, and help insure the appropriate monitoring of these medications for side effects.

In addition, many facilities benefit from having us work with the medication administration technicians by teaching and reinforcing appropriate medication pass procedure.

Each Facility receives on-site visits from the Pharmacist on a monthly or quarterly basis, as determined and requested by the facility. All issues identified are reviewed with the appropriate program staff and forwarded to the program medical team for evaluation and implementation, where appropriate.

Comprehensive Services in our standard Services Agreement include:

bullet Medication Regimen Review
bullet Medication Storage Inspections
bullet Medication Administration Record Audits
bullet Medication Pass Observations
bullet Staff Inservice Education
bullet Quality Assurance Compliance Audits

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